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  • Taking Ownership of your Workflow

    Taking Ownership of your Workflow

    As a developer, you are constantly learning and improving. There are a lot of different benchmarks you are supposed to fulfill. When you are applying for a job, you are supposed to check all the boxes. Do you know Java? Do you have experience working in an agile environment? Design patterns? TDD? In consulting, you…

  • Busyness as usual

    Busyness as usual

    Are you busy? I’m glad that you found some time to read this article. It has an average reading time of 10 minutes. Sounds like a short amount of investment in time. But, likely, you will not make it till the end, some important messages are dropping in already in parallel, or your next meeting…

  • Knowledge Management for Software Engineers

    Knowledge Management for Software Engineers

    … or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Zettelkasten. Everyone has been there. An error message pops up, and recognition begins to dawn. I have seen this error message before, you think. But where? You google it. The Stackoverflow links for this topic are all purple. You have been down this rabbit hole before. You…

  • Nats JetStream with NestJS

    Nats JetStream with NestJS

    In the first blog post of this series, we learned how to send serialized data from a React frontend to a NestJS backend with Axios and Cap’n Proto. This blog post will focus on propagating the received data from service to service in a Kubernetes environment using NestJS clients coupled with a Nats JetStream message bus.  I…

  • The Tricky Thing About Expectations

    The Tricky Thing About Expectations

    Expectations are everywhere. Especially in business, one overly used term is “managing expectations.” We have to manage the expectations of our stakeholders, business, and users – to name a few.  The unspoken truth is that it is not possible to manage expectations. They are something personal that lives inside a person’s perception, and you can…

  • Don’t be a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

    Don’t be a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

    You might ask: Why build your own keyboard? Because it looks cool and impresses people! Jokes aside – building your own keyboard is actually not as uncommon as you might think. The process can be very fun, and you get a lot of practical use out of your final product.

  • We Need to Align!

    We Need to Align!

    Please answer yourself a question: How many meetings “just to align each other” did you have in the last week? Feel free to check your calendar and think about all the meetings you had with the initial purpose of alignment. All these fancy circles, squads, all-hands, or whatever they called, meetings consuming a lot of…

  • Practice Illusion

    Practice Illusion

    Do you know managers or salespeople talking about their real practical experiences? How many times have you had the feeling that these stories were not practical at all?  Welcome to what I call „practice illusion“. But what is the problem, and how can you solve it?

  • Working efficiently with GraphQL-CodeGen types in TypeScript

    Working efficiently with GraphQL-CodeGen types in TypeScript

    In our project, we’re using GraphQL, and we’re using graphql-codegen to generate types for our queries. While this is very convenient, it’s almost impossible to extract sub-types from these generated types. Let me explain.



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