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  • Warum wir lieber feiern als loben

    Warum wir lieber feiern als loben

    Teams in der Challenge Zone sind motivierter, engagieren sich stärker für das Ziel und bringen eine deutlich höhere Performance. Doch welche Faktoren führen dazu, dass sich ein Team traut, in die Challenge Zone zu gehen? Es ist nicht das Lob des Chefs, sondern die Möglichkeit, eigene Erfolge zu erleben und zu feiern.

  • 05.12. Doctrine 2

    Object-relational mapping (ORM) frameworks have been around for several years now and for some people, ORM is already outdated by now. As we have seen with other technologies and concepts before, PHP is not exactly what we call an early adopter among the programming languages. Thus it took some time for ORM to grow up…

  • Meistgenutze Applikation im Intranet != Kantine

    Es sollte eigentlich nicht überraschen, dass wohl am häufigsten im Intranet auf den Speiseplan (wenn vorhanden) geklickt wird – vornehmlich zwischen 10:30 – 11h. Bei einem Kundenbesuch vor 2 Wochen sah ich mit Begeisterung, dass die Ajax basierte Mitarbeitersuche sehr intensiv vom Frontdesk benutzt wurde. Bei jedem Anruf, der vom Frontdesk angenommen wurde, konnte durch…

  • Buggy Captchas

    In the last few days I was working on an application and had to search for bugs. Finally, I found out that there was a bug in Zend_Captcha_Image: The good news was that I could immediately fix the bug by simply reloading the page :-)

  • Things that only happen to ME

    This is really hard: After all the years I had to find out that I’m not defined.

  • My personal daily WTF

    At the moment I’m working on an application consisting of several form data which need to be transfered to a web service. I’m a nice guy so I gave the secret of selenium testing away to my customer. He really appreciated it and started creating his own tests. Here’s what he last sent to me:…

  • Chorizo posters

    Somewhere around this time last year we did go public with our security scanner Chorizo!. One year later, Chorizo! is well established in the world of web development and a useful tool for a lot of developers, especially when you deal with PHP applications. Doing a lot of marketing work in the last year, one…

  • Weather Man

    Somebody across the street just tried to better the weather [*] The guy came out about 5 minutes after it started raining and cleaned the outside of the window without any kind of security cord (the window is on the 3rd floor) [Update]: Now there’s two of them and it works! It already stopped raining!…

  • Argentinian flavoured tip

    Last weekend we had a company workshop. I asked my boss for a tip for improving my latest piece of code. Since he’s a funny guy and spent a lot of time in Argentinia, here’s what i got: