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  • PHP_CodeBrowser 0.9.0 is out

    PHP_CodeBrowser is a tool that creates good looking web pages from your code and annotates them with problems found by checkstyle, pmd and others. We have covered the release of PHP_CodeBroser version 0.1.0-alpha some months ago, see this post. Now, we’re proud to announce version 0.9.0-beta. It features a neat interface that let you find…

  • PHP_CodeBrowser Release version 0.1.0

    Mayflower is proud to announce the release of the open source tool PHP_CodeBrowser in the current version 0.1.0-alpha. What is PHP_CodeBrowser PHP_CodeBrowser is a tool mainly intended to be used in conjunction with CruiseControl. It provides a code browser for PHP files with syntax highlighting and colored error-sections found by quality assurance tools like PHPUnit…

  • Quality in PHP projects beyond Unittests

    Here are the slides of my talk at this year’s International PHP Conference 2008 in Mainz, Germany. Quality In PHP Projects Beyond Unittests View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

  • PHPUnit Motivational Poster



    Sometimes developers aren’t motivated to write a lot of unit tests. Now we got some help when your phpunit code coverage goes below 80%. A PHPUnit Motivational Poster, done by the anonymous phpunit fan club. Feel free to download it and be motivated! PHPUnitMotivation.pdf Thanks to Sebastian for the exceptional scary look and Jo for…