PHP Stammtisch München

Am Donnerstag, den 15.04.2010 findet das erste Treffen in diesem Jahr zum PHP Stammtisch in München statt. Hierzu sind alle Interessierten herzlich eingeladen.

Startschuss für die Vorträge ist um 19:00 Uhr.

Mehrere grossartige Speaker nehmen an diesem Event mit folgenden Themen teil:

  • Stefan Priebsch Stefan Priebsch: „Die fünf goldenen OOP-Regeln für PHP“
  • Anatoliy Belsky – PHP auf dem DBUS
  • Pierre Joye (Lightning Talk) PHP on Windows
  • Johannes Schlüter (Lightning Talk) PHP next (5.4/6.0)
Im gemütlichen Ambiente der Repüblik wird dank der Sponsoren auch für Drinks und Snaks gesorgt, solange der Vorrat reicht.

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Weitere Informationen sowie eine kostenlose Registrierung sind in dem Wiki der PHP User Group München zu finden.


PHP_CodeBrowser Release version 0.1.0

Mayflower is proud to announce the release of the open source tool PHP_CodeBrowser in the current version 0.1.0-alpha.

What is PHP_CodeBrowser

PHP_CodeBrowser is a tool mainly intended to be used in conjunction with CruiseControl.
It provides a code browser for PHP files with syntax highlighting and colored error-sections
found by quality assurance tools like PHPUnit or PHP_CodeSniffer.
The visualisation of errors, warnings or notices, found by above mentioned kind of tools,
is the real power of PHP_CodeBrowser.
You may also use PHP_CodeBrowser as a stand alone version, but therefore you would need previous generated XML error files.

Integration in phpUnderControl

PHP_CodeBrowser features

PHP_CodeBrowser comes along with syntax highlighting, colored error sections and a smart clickable error overview.
Supported are XML report files generated from following supported quality assurance tools:

  1. PHPUnit
  2. CPD
  3. Padawan
  4. CodeSniffer

Colored error sections

Why should you use it

Because it’s cool, and it helps strongly getting an complete overview over your code quality in single files.

Clickable error list overview


If you would like to try out, please check out source directly from SVN:

svn co svn:// PHP_CodeBrowser

or use pear installation routine:

pear config-set preferred_state alpha
pear channel-discover
pear install –alldeps phpunit/PHP_CodeBrowser

For the integration in cruisecontrol, please have a look at the README file,
or use the current version of phpUnderControl.

„Agile Estimation and Planning“ talk @Mayflower – Munich

Am kommenden Donnerstag, den 30.07.2009 findet wieder ein öffentlicher Vortrag im Mayflower Büro in München statt.
Begin ist um 18:00 Uhr, Thema des Vortrages ist „Agile Estimation and Planning“.

In diesem Vortrag gibt es einen Einblick in die Grundlagen der Agilen Software Entwicklung, der Planung und Abschätzung.

Wer teilnehmen möchte kann sich auf Facebook dafür registrieren.

Die „Donnerstag Vorträge“ werden sowohl in München als auch Würzburg gehalten. Bei Interesse einfach das Blog beobachten um auf dem laufenden zu bleiben.

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PHP 5.3 BBQ Release Party Munich

The PHP 5.3 BBQ Release Party in Munich, that took place on Friday the 17th of July 2009 at the Waldwirtschaft has been a complete success.
About 100 PHP enthusiasts joined this event and were celebrating and used this event for further communications or exchanging experiences.
The sunny weather from the afternoon unfortunatelly turned into to a small hurricane at night, but the drenches could not ruin the mood – the BBQ just moved to the nearby
tent and everybody enjoyed their meal, a buffet with salad, grilled meat, three barrels of beer and two awesome suckling pigs.

A small quiz with questions around the new php version were greatly appreciated, participants were awarded with a special PHP 5.3 Release BBQ T-shirt.

Special regards again to the sponsors Mayflower, Microsoft, Swoodoo und Zend, for making this event possible and to the supporters and several helpers of course, too.

View more pictures at Facebook

PHP 5.3 BBQ Release Party in Munich

We like to invite you to the PHP 5.3 release party on Friday, the 17th of July in Munich.
The release party offers a chance to talk to other PHP enthusiasts and enjoy that PHP is alive and kicking. If you just can’t resist a decent barbecue together with some beer and other drinks you are also welcomed.

The happening will take place at the Waldwirtschaft beer garden irrespective of the weather.
We will meet at 19:00 o’clock – open end.

The location is famous for its huge beer garden (2,500 available seats, a children’s playground) and its typical Bavarian but also international food. On sunny weather you may even enjoy live-music and listen to the sounds of Jazz, Blues, Swing or Dixi.

Catering will be provided and as a special delicacy you may enjoy a suckling pig!

If you like to join the event please register at PHPUG-Munich Wiki and follow it for updates.

Alternatively you may register at Facebook as well and follow this for updates.

For any questions please visit IRC channel: #phprp on

The PHP 5.3. BBQ release party is sponsored by:

Mayflower GmbH  
Swoodoo AG  
Zend Technologies GmbH

Supporters for the PHP 5.3 BBQ release party are:
Sun Microsystems

FTP via Proxy with cURL

There should be no problem to download files dynamically via FTP and user/password authentication. But what if using an http proxy in between?
Well, there are some useful options you may set with curl_set_option but in our case most were not accepted.
The main problem was getting the list of files laying on the ftp server. Ok, lets take a look at the solution.