PHP_CodeBrowser 0.9.0 is out

PHP_CodeBrowser is a tool that creates good looking web pages from your code and annotates them with problems found by checkstyle, pmd and others.

We have covered the release of PHP_CodeBroser version 0.1.0-alpha some months ago, see this post. Now, we’re proud to announce version 0.9.0-beta.

It features a neat interface that let you find errors even quicker, a clear commandline interface and much better performance, it’s almost seven times faster than the 0.1.x release.

You can get it via pear, just do

pear channel-discover

pear config-set preferred_state beta

pear install phpunit/PHP_CodeBrowser

or you can check out the from github, just visit or just try

git clone git://

 Here are some pictures to give you an impression of what it looks like

This is the overview page

And this is how the real code browser looks like.

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  1. Tried to install it and got:

    sudo pear install phpunit/PHP_CodeBrowser
    No releases available for package „“
    Cannot initialize ‚channel://‘, invalid or missing package file
    Package „channel://“ is not valid
    install failed

    Previous commands finished successfully
    sudo pear channel-discover
    Channel „“ is already initialized
    sudo pear config-set preferred_state beta
    config-set succeeded

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