11.12.: Migrate to HTML5!

HTML5 is one of the hottest buzzwords in the web and everyone is using or talking about it. Google is ahead everyone else for sure with Google Docs, their web based office suite and with Chrome OS, an operating system which only needs a browser (from the user‘s view). But also Facebook, they working on their own application platform codenamed „Spartacus“ is based on HTML5. Even classic software companies like Adobe and Microsoft are joining the competition: Microsofts upcoming Windows 8 operating system will include small HTML5 based apps (another buzzword) and Adobe has a double-tracked strategy: they release new HTML5 development tools almost every month and they still try to rescue their old, main product, Flash.

Mayflower Barcamp: Developing new features for phpMyFAQ 2.5

Two weeks ago almost the whole Mayflower crew met for a three day hacking event: the Mayflower Barcamp 2008. Some colleagues and myself did a extreme programming on the next version of phpMyFAQ. Here’s a short list of the new features we implemented in two days:

– rewrite of the RSS feeds using XMLWriter
– an Ajax powered user search in the administration backend
– an improved template engine
– a public user registration
– a lot of minor fixes

All these code contributions went directly into CVS and will be released as soon as possible as phpMyFAQ 2.5.0-alpha.

Office-Automatisation mit PHP

Nachdem die International PHP Conference 2007 nun schon wieder vorbei ist, veröffentliche ich hier die Slides zu meinem Vortrag über Office-Automatisation mit PHP. Der Talk beschreibt, wie man per PHP, REST-Webservices und ein bisschen VBA individuelle Powerpointfolien dynamisch generieren kann und zeigt dies anhand eines realen Beispiels.

Download als PDF

Meet me at Open Source Developers‘ Conference

The „Open Source Developers‘ Conference is a conference designed for developers, by developers“ and will be held from december, 6th to december, 8th in Melbourne, Australia. I’ll give two presentation about „Enterprise PHP“ and „PHP 5 and IBM DB2“. The first talk will be about my daily work and how to handle big PHP projects. The second talk is an introduction into the features of PHP 5.2 and using IBM DB2. I’ll present all four possibilities to connect a IBM DB2 database: ext/odbc, ext/ibm_db2, PDO_ODBC and the new PECL release PDO_IBM. If you’re in a reachable distance you should take the chance to meet me. :-)