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  • Meet me at Open Source Developers‘ Conference

    The „Open Source Developers‘ Conference is a conference designed for developers, by developers“ and will be held from december, 6th to december, 8th in Melbourne, Australia. I’ll give two presentation about „Enterprise PHP“ and „PHP 5 and IBM DB2“. The first talk will be about my daily work and how to handle big PHP projects.…

  • PHP Conference 2006 – PHP 5 und IBM DB2 slides

    Here are my German slides of my talk „Einführung in PHP 5 und IBM DB2“. By the way, two attendees of my presentation are running really big IBM DB2 powered databases with up to 500 million datasets. Really big ones. :-)

  • Accessing NTLM secured resources with PHP

    Sometimes you need to do strange things – and then PHP is the language of choice if you need a solution for web applications in really special environments like using a Windows based authentication method on a Linux server. Here at Mayflower GmbH / ThinkPHP we wrote a proxy server for the authentication with NTLM…

  • New article in German PHP Magazin

    The issue 3.2005 of the German PHP Magazin can now be bought in your favorite bookstore. My article "Eingebettet" is about JavaScript based WYSIWYG editors like htmlArea, FCKeditor, Spaw, TinyMCE, Kevin Roth’s Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor, Mozile and Bitflux Editor. All these editors are open source software and working in IE 5.5.+, Mozilla 1.3+ and…

  • Review: Professionelle Softwareentwicklung mit PHP5

    The last couple of days I was reading the book „Professionelle Softwareentwicklung mit PHP5“ written by Sebastian Bergmann. Sebastian has a nice style of describing parts of software engineering with less words like other authors. Because of this the book has only 200 pages but it’s really cheap with 29 EUR for a technical literature.

  • Accessibility in PHProjekt 5.0

    Beside my daily work at Mayflower GmbH/ThinkPHP I’m working a lot on XHTML/CSS/Accessibilty for the open source project phpMyFAQ and trying to add my knowledge in our projects. Because accessibility wasn’t a goal in the previous releases of PHProjekt we’re working hard on the complete XHTML/CSS rewrite of the frontend.