eBay, a WebService Power House

Live from the Management-Day at the International PHP Conference 2006. Dr. Alexander Schwinn, eBay GmbH Germany and Manager Developers Program, is reporting some quite interesting numbers about the usage of eBay WebServices:


  • more than 40,000 registered eBay developers world-wide
  • more than 1,200 productive applications in DE
  • 2002: less than 1 billion eBay WebService calls
  • Q1/2006: 9,4 billion eBay WebService calls
  • more than 53% of all ebay.com offers will be added through API applications
  • more than 120 WebService methods available

An overview of eBay applications is available at applikationsverzeichnis.ebay.de. The PHP SDK is available at ebatns.codebase.ebay.com

He explained some innovative applications that have been developed with the eBay API and showcased
a self-developed plugin for Skype (written in PHP) that integrates current eBay auctions as a new tab
into Skype. Another application eBay Germany has developed for eBay France an application with PHP where you are able to create your own eBay desktop (with some nice Drag&Drop through AJAX) similar to Pageflakes.

There are also eBay clients available inside the Microsoft Media Center Edition where you can bid for eBay offers
through Media Center. Pretty cool.

To be continued…

IPC06: PHP in large projects

Yesterday I had a Power Workshop (6 hours) about large projects with PHP. You can find the (German) slides here.

Besides that, there were some very interesting talks in the evening at the hotel bar together with the almighty Stefan Esser, Christopher Kunz and Johann-Peter Hartmann. Today is the second pre-conference day, at 10.00 o’clock I will give the opening talk at the Management Day (with speakers from IBM, eBay, SAP and others) about the business opportunities with Web2.0 and PHP. Tomorrow, the main conference will start with a lot of great sessions.

Use information disclosure to gather PHP configuration statistics

Damien Seguy from nexen.net sent an e-mail with a notice about his newest statistics project: „PHP configuration statistics“. He gathered output of around 12,000 public available phpinfo() scripts.

Some of the results of his investigations:

Here are some funny and not so funny stats.

  • PHP admins likes to compile PHP in Summer
  • Register global is not dead
  • memory_limit is not used
  • PHP apps handle 100 Mb files

The first part of his article is online in English. Thank you Damien!

The not so funny side: please secure your phpinfo() output scripts! Either by using not so common script names like phpinfo.php, by protecting it through .htaccess or other mechanisms or by simply not uploading a phpinfo() script on your server.

Tag the International PHP Conference 2006

If you happen to be at this year’s International PHP Conference 2006 which will start this Sunday, and are creating content of whatever form (be it photos, videos, slides etc.), don’t forget it to tag it with the tag „ipc06“. Check regularly at Flickr, Technorati, Del.icio.us, this blog and others.

Hope to see you there!

Chorizo available for French customers: win an iPod Nano!

Today, we’re announcing a reselling partnership between Mayflower GmbH and Waterproof S.A.R.L., makers of PHP IDE PHPEdit and a French based company. They’re reselling the Chorizo! software to their customers and in their local country France. You can view the product page on their website.

If you happen to be on Forum PHP in Paris from 9th to 10th of November 2006, don’t forget to step by Waterproof’s booth – we’re raffling a black iPod Nano 2 GB and five commercial licenses of Chorizo!. Just be prepared for the PHP Security Quiz ;-).

Furthermore, if you might be on International PHP Conference, don’t forget to step by our booth – we’re also raffling a black iPod Nano via a PHP Security Quiz and several commercial licenses.

PS: you might want to notice that XSS attacks are one of the most frequent attacks against web applications. See the recent announcement from EOF Project this weekend.

SOAP API of spreadshirt.net

I just came across an old entry of the Exciting Ecommerce blog (German) which tells that Spreadshirt.net, one of Germany’s hottest Internet startups, has a SOAP interface. spreadshirt.net itself seems to be developed in PHP, and so I started my IDE and played a bit with it.

At the moment, it seems to be just a bit of a playground. Some lines of code are good enough to start:

$wsdl = 'http://www.spreadshirt.net/services.php?wsdl';

$client = new SoapClient($wsdl, array('exceptions' => 0, 'trace' => 1));

$session_token = $client->initialize_session(62466);

$s = microtime(true);
$articles = $client->get_articles($session_token, 62466);
$e = microtime(true);

$d = $e-$s;

print "Duration: $d<br />";

But as I said, Spreadshirt needs some more work here – it takes roughly 40-60 seconds to get all the articles (about 300) of this shop. This is definitely too long for creating small applications like shopping widgets etc.

Why SAP is interested in scripting languages: an interview with André Labahn

At the SDN Day on TechEd 06 Amsterdam I had the pleasure to make a short video with André Labahn from SAP. He’s a member of the SDN/SAP team that tries to leverage the usage of scripting languages (PHP, Ruby) together with SAP software, mainly R/3 and other components. As you might know, SAP has some stakeholding into OpenSource, some time ago with their release of SAPDB as „MaxDB“ which is now maintained by MySQL. Here’s what André has to say about PHP & SAP:

The video is also available on sevenload.de.