Chorizo available for French customers: win an iPod Nano!

Today, we’re announcing a reselling partnership between Mayflower GmbH and Waterproof S.A.R.L., makers of PHP IDE PHPEdit and a French based company. They’re reselling the Chorizo! software to their customers and in their local country France. You can view the product page on their website.

If you happen to be on Forum PHP in Paris from 9th to 10th of November 2006, don’t forget to step by Waterproof’s booth – we’re raffling a black iPod Nano 2 GB and five commercial licenses of Chorizo!. Just be prepared for the PHP Security Quiz ;-).

Furthermore, if you might be on International PHP Conference, don’t forget to step by our booth – we’re also raffling a black iPod Nano via a PHP Security Quiz and several commercial licenses.

PS: you might want to notice that XSS attacks are one of the most frequent attacks against web applications. See the recent announcement from EOF Project this weekend.

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