I just came across an old entry of the Exciting Ecommerce blog (German) which tells that, one of Germany’s hottest Internet startups, has a SOAP interface. itself seems to be developed in PHP, and so I started my IDE and played a bit with it.

At the moment, it seems to be just a bit of a playground. Some lines of code are good enough to start:

$wsdl = '';

$client = new SoapClient($wsdl, array('exceptions' => 0, 'trace' => 1));

$session_token = $client->initialize_session(62466);

$s = microtime(true);
$articles = $client->get_articles($session_token, 62466);
$e = microtime(true);

$d = $e-$s;

print "Duration: $d<br />";

But as I said, Spreadshirt needs some more work here – it takes roughly 40-60 seconds to get all the articles (about 300) of this shop. This is definitely too long for creating small applications like shopping widgets etc.


Von Björn Schotte

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