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  • Web-2.0 Security

    Hi Folks, This is an announcement for a webinar in German. Therefore only written in German. If you are interested in the security topic be sure to see the english webinar, which is stored here. Web-2.0-Anwendungen absichern Die verbesserte Einsatztauglichkeit der Web-2.0-Anwendungen wird auf Kosten von neuen Sicherheitsproblemen erworben. Sowohl die mächtige Logik im JavaScript…

  • Oracle with PHP and PDO

    A few weeks ago, I was holding a PHP training for a customer who’s using the Oracle database on a regular basis. My boss and I agreed on teaching the Oracle database connection with PDO (instead of the MySQL database connection we usually teach in trainings).

  • Understanding successful tracing of security vulnerabilities

    Web applications can easily become very complex. Several hundreds of thousands of lines of code (no HTML templates!) is usual at larger corporate solutions. This also means that your PHP applications follows the standards like object oriented programming, nested classes etc. When it comes down to detect security vulnerabilities, a lot of tools are available.…

  • Detect and fix security vulnerabilities on server side within seconds.

    (See bigger version with better quality at https://chorizo-scanner.com/flash_morcilla ) This video shows you how Morcilla, our brand new PHP extension, lets Chorizo! have a look inside your application on the server. We are able to hook into every PHP function and trace the payloads of Chorizo!. By default, Morcilla hooks into the whole MySQL function…

  • Methods to reduce the load of your webserver by caching content: using lighttpd, MySQL UDF, LUA and speed everything up.



    The method I would like to describe is based on the webserver lighttpd. Lighttpd is a single process webserver written for high traffic sites. It supports fast-cgi out of the box which makes it ideal for hosting PHP applications. There are lots of nice modules for the daily work like mod_access or mod_rewrite. For more…

  • MAYFLOWER first company to certify all its employees for MySQL

    Munich/Würzburg, 2006-05-30: MAYFLOWER, internationally reknown with its brand ThinkPHP in the PHP/LAMP world, is proud to announce that it has certified all its developers for MySQL Core and is the first ISV worldwide that has achieved this. Read the official press release (German only) at mysql.de.