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  • Mayflower Barcamp: Developing a PHP extension for Skype

    At the Mayflower Barcamp a few weeks ago we had a very interesting and promising project: Develop a PHP extension for communication with Skype. Actually, this project was a merge between two projects: One was to „develop a PHP extension“ – five out of six project members never had written any PHP extension or did…

  • Moerfelden from an exhibitor’s view

    As regards the conference content, Continuous Integration and Quality Assurance with all kinds of sub topics like Testing, Debugging, Code Reviews and Security were topics relevant in a couple of sessions and workshops. Well, PHP is getting more and more matured. The keynotes were all worth mentioning, particularly Zak Greant who ended in pointing out…

  • Oracle with PHP and PDO

    A few weeks ago, I was holding a PHP training for a customer who’s using the Oracle database on a regular basis. My boss and I agreed on teaching the Oracle database connection with PDO (instead of the MySQL database connection we usually teach in trainings).

  • Creating desktop-like applications on the web

    We recently were asked to make an offer to create a web based solution for a desktop software. Visually we only had some screenshots of the original desktop application. To make it easier for the customer to decide how a possible solution could look as a web application, we tried to create a prototype looking…