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  • How to use mod_php4 and mod_php5 in parallel

    There are several possibilities to use mod_php4 and mod_php5 in parallel on the same Apache 1.3.x server. For example, if you have plenty of free IPs, you could just set up a new nameserver entry to assign two host names to two different IPs and then use two Apache instances, both running on port 80…

  • Getting things to work on a MDA/PocketPC

    At one of our projects for the Vaillant Group, we were faced with the problem that the portals should be visible on a MDA in the Pocket Internet Explorer. Fortunately, this isn’t a real problem since Chairman, our framework and portal solution, is able to handle multi portals on one installation. We can detect the…

  • Realisme

    <Derick> he says it works already, but as a hack <tony2001> well, I like hacks =) <Pierre_> do we need anything else than a stack of hacks? <Pierre_> as far as they work :) <tony2001> Apache(a stack of patches) + PHP(a stack of hacks) = web-server =) .

  • Boutell backport AA from PHP

    Not really new, but I did not read the GD site that much :) In GD 2.0.26 (Changelog), they backport my antialiasing function introduced in php 4.3: „Drastically faster, less memory-intensive antialiased drawing, thanks to Pierre-Alain Joye. This code was imported from the PHP ‚fork‘ of gd.“ They should backport the ellipse and filling functions…

  • ReflectionClass::hasMethod()

    In a recent discussion on the PHP internals list Andi asked why ReflectionClass::getMethod() throws an exception when the requested method doesn’t exist instead of returning NULL. During the discussion it came out that it brings advantages to throw an exception when doing things like $class->getMethod(‚foo‘)->isInternal(); or if you really like exceptions. In addition it brings…

  • My first PHP Extension.



    This is my first contribution to writing php extensions. Extractor interfaces the libextractor library which offered some nice functionality to a project I am currently working on. Libextractor is used to extract meta-data from files of arbitrary type. Ext_skel and the pear packaging system came really handy during the development process. Following Filetypes are supported:…

  • Accessibility in PHProjekt 5.0

    Beside my daily work at Mayflower GmbH/ThinkPHP I’m working a lot on XHTML/CSS/Accessibilty for the open source project phpMyFAQ and trying to add my knowledge in our projects. Because accessibility wasn’t a goal in the previous releases of PHProjekt we’re working hard on the complete XHTML/CSS rewrite of the frontend.

  • The switch from Java to PHP

    Having read John’s posting, I can tell you something about the switch from Java to PHP. In our last year’s project for the biggest european power supplier E.ON, we ported an application from Microsoft Access to PHP. No Java? Indeed. E.ON had two bids – one from their own IT daughter company, is:energy, and one…

  • PHP soap server and dotNet c# client – part 1 [Nested Arrays]



    This entry will show you how to model a dotnet valid wsdl file, how to send dotnet valid responses from php and finally how to connect a c# client. This is the wsdl ‚DOTNET‘ way 3->5->7->2 to continue Johann’s previous post. It is easy, at least if you know what desires the Microsoft’s xml-serializer. To…



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