International PHP Magazine: PDF editions available

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Congratulations to Masoud and his whole team at S&S Media, the publishing house that’s very active in the IT area and also supports PHP through:

The website was relaunched today. In the past, the magazine was available as a true print edition (really nice offset print in full colour, not just a laser printer output) every two months (as the German edition I’m responsible for is also available in this frequency) and had a PDF version as „a plus“ (included with a new feature article every month). Now, they entirely switched to PDF and will now be published every month.

I think this is a step in the right direction, especially in a global world-wide view. Print distribution around the globe is at high cost, so PDF is the right format to go on with.

My personal point of view, though, is that I love printed stuff. Perhaps this has to do with Germany’s long history in the area of printed media, but I like the haptic feeling that you will have when opening a nice book or magazine while drinking a cup of tea especially on cold days. :-)

So, for the German PHP Magazin (which has independant topics in contrast to the international issue) in future I will love to receive the printed issues in my mailbox and I’m currently preparing our colour laser printer for the new issue of the International PHP Magazine. :-)

Great job done, Masoud!

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