Slides from International PHP Conference, part 1

As promised, here’s now the first part of the slides from the International PHP Conferences. The sessions I gave were the introduction for the Management Day, „100,000 SQLite installations – lessons learned“ (and where the borders are in regards to the usage of MySQL) and „WebServices with PHP5“.

Download Management Day slides: phpconf05_managementday.pdf
Download SQLite slides: phpconf05_sqlite.pdf
Download WebServices with PHP5 talk: phpconf05_webservices_php5.pdf

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Ein Gedanke zu „Slides from International PHP Conference, part 1

  1. In your SQLite slides you say about the SELECTs that „You have to strip out the „a.“ to work transparently.“. You could also let SQLite do that for you by issuing the following PRAGMA command:

    sqlite_query($db_cnx, ‚PRAGMA short_column_names = 1‘);

    More about the PRAGMAs:

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