Zend Studio goes Eclipse

After Zend announced to enter the Eclipse Foundation one expected Zend to give up their own Zend Studio and integrate it with the Eclipse Framework. A small update in a recent blog posting from Sebastian gives a few details about Zend’s plans.

According to this proposal Zend is working, together with IBM, on an Eclipse-based open source PHP development solution. This would combine Zend’s great (remote) debugging facilities with an quite advanced IDE and solve the biggest problem of the current Zend Studio: The bad editor. According to the proposal they plan to release a preview at Q1/2006 which fits perfectly to the scedule of the EclipseCon 2006 where Andi Gutmans from Zend and Stewart E. Nickolas from IBM are giving a talk about their PHP IDE Project. So let’s see what they’ll have till then.

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