Meet me at php|tek

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php|tek, the next conference from the php|arch
guys around Marco Tabini who already organized the php|cruise and php|tropics
conferences, will be from April 26th to 28th at Orlando, Florida. As
you can read on the recently published schedule
I’ll hold two talks. The first talk will be about PHP on the command
line, showing PHP’s strength beyond the web which can be helpful to
build, deploy and scale your web-application and even for building apps
completely independent from anything on the web. My second talk will be
about PHP’s reflection API. In that session I’ll give an introduction
into the API and show how to use it to build modular, dynamic

If you’re in reachable distance you should take the chance to listen and meet PHP developers from all over the world. (Hint: Till January 31st you can get early-bird rates!)


Avatar von Johannes Schlüter


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