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Today the PHProjekt core team is glad to publish a first edition of PHProjekt 6, the ‚developer preview release‘. More than one year has passed since the first commit into the SVN. In our view, the most important feature of the new version is the state-of-the-art architecture, which  makes a huge difference to all previous versions of PHProjekt.

With the choice of Zend framework in the backend and a complete integration of the dojo toolkit for the frontend, we think that the application is now ready for complex requirements and workflow processes. The MVC and active record pattern support scaffolding, thus allowing an effective and rapid development for new modules and features – in fact, new modules can be built with some mouse clicks.

Furthermore we tried to provide you a software, which makes fun to develop own code.
PHProjekt 6:
– is completely php5-OOP, well structured
– follows php5 coding standards (actually zf coding style)
– has a pretty good code coverage with unit tests
– is completely documented in phpdoc
By following ‚convention over configuration‘, many modules and services show an expected default behaviour. The API and protocol (JSON) between frontend and backend allows a change of single components of the application.

For other webmasters without coding skills, we tried to facilitate the application management with a WYSIWYG module designer.
Last but not least, we changed the licence from GPL to LGPL to give you more flexibility for the distribution of your own modules and extensions.

Lots of changes have been made over the past months by the developer team so we are really looking forward to get feedback from the community.
You can download the developer preview release here. We reopened the phprojekt repository on sourceforge, so you can checkout the source code from SVN there.
On, we created a new section for PHProjekt 6, which we will fill with content in the next weeks. You can leave general remarks as a comment on this blog entry. For questions and discussions, we installed an own developer mailing list, please subscribe here. Anyone of you who want to inspect it directly, we have a setup a sandbox.
Please keep in mind, that it is only a preview, which means that something weird can frequently happen :-)
Please post your opinion, report bugs or send patches, everyone is welcome. We need you, the people who use it, your testing and reports, and your patches.

We wish you merry christmas … sorry: a lot of fun with the preview of PHProjekt 6!
the PHProjekt development team

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  1. It seems you forgot to include the access information for the sandbox.

    1. i guess the only problem here is PHP ilestf and the OOP implementation. I run a few tests on cakephp. without framework i got 1800req/sec.I started from index.php and placed die() after some parts of the code including required files.I noticed the response time droped after the first require( ) of a big file. There was no other code in that file than function declarations. A bigger drop noticed after another require of a file containing just a class declaration.. After some such includes, the response time decreased under 500r/s.After the engine started actually doing something, the response time was around 100r/s. In the end i got 40r/s:(I think that PHP suffers from FileI/O operations and especially on big files. I tried APC and eAccelerator but the diference is not so encouraging.I also tried to include one of the big files into noframework app. The same result: response droped to 700r/s. With APC i have around 1000r/s. I think i`ll give up optimization and try to scale up.

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