Last Saturday MAYFLOWER hosted the second dōjō beer event – a nice unconference devoted to the dōjō toolkit. The organizers from uxebu called and more than 30 developers found their way to MAYFLOWER’s office rooms in Munich.

After arrival and a brief introduction the interested developers gathered in the lecture room. They were treated with dōjō and uxebu goodies which enriched the group experience (and the folks as well).

Nikolai Onken, Tobias von Klipstein, Wolfram Kriesing (all uxebu), Norman Wenk (acomo) and Jan Mergler (Mayflower) had prepared talks in advance. Wolfram as “Master of Ceremony” listed the prepared talks, took suggestions and votes, to determine the schedule:

– introduction
– video conference
– dōjō overview
– dōjō build system
– dōjō deep inside (with remarks on functional programming)
– how to create your own widgets

Nikolai started with an introduction of the dōjō toolkit, giving an overview on this amazing JavaScript framework.

A definite highlight of this day was certainly that the organizers had invited dōjō co-founder Dylan Schiemann and project lead Pete Higgins as special guests. They were connected via video conference from the US to Munich and talked about their role within the project and gave some insights into the future roadmap.

After a short break Nikolai gave a preview of the new dōjō documentation and the new web site.

Tobi showed how dōjō code can be optimized by using the dōjō build system.

He was followed by Wolfram who talked about several dōjō functions in depth and gave a demonstration on how to use functional programming techniques with dōjō.

The ended with a talk by Norman who gave an overview of how to write your own widgets.

Unfortunately Jan’s talk had to be skipped, because the event ran out of time.

In the evening some folks went home while others had some food and beverages together in a local restaurant before they parted.

The event was a great opportunity to meet members of the dōjō community and to first hand get in-depth information. We look forward to the next!

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  1. Nachdem sich alle Teilnehmer erst mit Weißwürsten gestärkt haben, wurde eine Videokonferenz mit 2 amerikanischen Dojo-Entwicklern geführt. Den ersten Vortrag – einen Einführungsvortrag in Dojo – hielt Nicolai Onken. Dieser Vortrag hatte das Ziel über di

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