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  • Testen an der Domain

    Nikolas Martens hat am Wochenende auf der FrOSCon in seinem Vortrag „The Pyramid is a lie“ vorgestellt wie Tests richtig laufen sollten. Ich möchte nun hier nochmal die Erkenntnisse aus dem Talk darstellen. Die Slides von Nikolas findet man hier.

  • 21.12. Agile Developer Skills (ADS)

    Last week I had the chance to attend an Agile Developer Skills Workshop in Berlin. The 3 day workshop is, next to a Scrum Master or PO Certification, a prerequisite for the Certified Scrum Developer, short CSD. I was very excited about the ADS workshop and I found it an intersting approach to hold a…

  • 03.12. Setting up an own QA Environment for Javascript

    Nearly every PHP project comes up with a great set of tools to assure the quality of source code; unit tests are a no longer a „nice to have“ feature, they are common components in new projects. While unit tests help you to provide solid interfaces and proof the functionality of a certain method, there…

  • Practical Testing PHP Applications with Selenium

    Testing software whilst ongoing development seems to be a boring job containing a lot of reoccurring tasks. You might end up entering the same test data, most of the time not really context relevant one like for example „foo“ or „bar“, into the same web-forms and get the feeling of doing work that is not…