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  • Web-2.0 Security

    Hi Folks, This is an announcement for a webinar in German. Therefore only written in German. If you are interested in the security topic be sure to see the english webinar, which is stored here. Web-2.0-Anwendungen absichern Die verbesserte Einsatztauglichkeit der Web-2.0-Anwendungen wird auf Kosten von neuen Sicherheitsproblemen erworben. Sowohl die mächtige Logik im JavaScript…

  • Performant DOJO

    When your rich internet applications become more complex and mature, you learn that there are some rules to obey to achieve a sucessful dojo project. What does successful mean ? easy extendible good client performance easy maintainable, readable code economical memory usage Our rules ;) 1. Build dojo from SVN Its seems to be disturbing…

  • Virtual Data Grid: becoming reality soon

    If you use Dojo, have a look at the fabulous widgets called TurboWidgets from TurboAjax.com: it’s available for non-commercial and commercial usage. One of the great widgets (besides Theme support where you can also create your own corporate theme look and feel) is a data grid which can be customized in a wide variety. As…

  • AJAX Showcases: the good, the bad and the ugly

    Found at the namics blog: the presentation of David Nuescheler, „AJAX Showcases: the good, the bad and the ugly“ from the EuroAjax conference. Very nice. The presentation is available as PDF or as Flash. David gives his opinion through showcasing the HTTP Request analysis of several AJAX based applications.