Virtual Data Grid: becoming reality soon

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TurboAjaxIf you use Dojo, have a look at the fabulous widgets called TurboWidgets from it’s available for non-commercial and commercial usage. One of the great widgets (besides Theme support where you can also create your own corporate theme look and feel) is a data grid which can be customized in a wide variety.

As I’ve discovered in the TurboWidget forums, they’re working on a virtual data grid. Imagine you want to display a list of 100,000 or more items which can be a major pita especially when working with slow internet connectivity. The solution is a real virtual data grid. They showcase a demo here. Release date will be hopefully by end of July, and I’m looking forward to it. :-)

As you can see in the screenshots, while scrolling down the grid will be empty or displaying „…“ ….

… while loading the data. After finished loading, it shows the normal grid data:

Unfortunately, we have to wait until end of July, but I hope the guys from TurboAjax will have it ready soon. :-) Combined with a XMLHttpRequest based PHP backend (which will be triggered by the Grid’s data model) this will be a very userfriendly solution for displaying large data sets.

Avatar von Björn Schotte


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  1. I notice that their home page is totally blank if you’re browsing with javascript disabled.
    That doesn’t inspire me with confidence.

  2. Avatar von Wim H.

    Or you go with backbase and you don’t have to wait?, similar conditions. for a demo

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