Virtual Data Grid: becoming reality soon

TurboAjaxIf you use Dojo, have a look at the fabulous widgets called TurboWidgets from it’s available for non-commercial and commercial usage. One of the great widgets (besides Theme support where you can also create your own corporate theme look and feel) is a data grid which can be customized in a wide variety.

As I’ve discovered in the TurboWidget forums, they’re working on a virtual data grid. Imagine you want to display a list of 100,000 or more items which can be a major pita especially when working with slow internet connectivity. The solution is a real virtual data grid. They showcase a demo here. Release date will be hopefully by end of July, and I’m looking forward to it. :-)

As you can see in the screenshots, while scrolling down the grid will be empty or displaying „…“ ….

… while loading the data. After finished loading, it shows the normal grid data:

Unfortunately, we have to wait until end of July, but I hope the guys from TurboAjax will have it ready soon. :-) Combined with a XMLHttpRequest based PHP backend (which will be triggered by the Grid’s data model) this will be a very userfriendly solution for displaying large data sets.


Von Björn Schotte

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