Our sessions at LinuxTag

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Come and see us at the LAMPArea booth at LinuxTag where we present you PHProjekt V5, our Chairman Enterprise Application Suite and talk to you about your problems in your company and what problems we solved in our customer projects for companies like HypoVereinsbank, Vaillant Group, Telefónica Germany, citiworks AG, Sixt and others. Furthermore, we are happy to be able to serve you the following sessions:

Wednesday, 06/22:

Thursday, 06/23:

And finally, on the Business Conference, Björn Schotte will speak at a panel called „Plattformunabhängige Applikationsentwicklung“ together with Thomas Uhl from Topalis AG and Elmar Geese from LIVE e.V.
about how you can achieve platform independant development with PHP. Remember: PHP is the Borg and a glue language.

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