A decade of PHP!

Happy Birthday, PHP! And thanks a lot for the fish, Rasmus! Without you and all the others from the PHP community PHP wouldn’t be such a successful project.

My brief history about getting in touch with PHP:

  • back in 1998, playing with PHP3 and subscribing to the German speaking mailing list hosted and administrated by Ralf Geschke
  • 1999: creating PHP-Center.de, the first German speaking portal about PHP, together with Ralf Geschke
  • 1999: being responsible for the technical part of the relaunch of würzburgOnline, a city portal
  • 2000: co-organising the first PHP Conference „PHP Kongress“, together with Ralf Geschke and Globalpark
  • 2000: doing several professional PHP trainings for companies like Lycos Europe and others
  • 2001: the advent of the International PHP Conference, organised by Software&Support, me being the Chair of the Advisory Board and up to today responsible for the whole content of the Conference
  • 2001: the advent of the German speaking print magazine „PHP Magazin“, me being editor in chief up to today
  • 2001: co-founding ThinkPHP
  • 2001: remembering back the strong UserGroup community in Germany, the meetings on the InternetWorld fair (chinese ducks *mjam*) …
  • … and several other things like professional PHP support, PHP online trainings, PHP inhouse trainings, premium software development and such
  • During the years, seeing more and more big companies (i.e. our customers like CapGemini, E.ON and such) using PHP without fear
  • 2005: the PHP5 poster :-)
  • trying to get PHP in touch with environments no-one would ever imagine (PHP as an online transaction middleware outperforming a Java solution, PHP as the backend of a whole bunch of XUL-based applications with a Cobol connector etc.)

It’s a fascinating community with a lot of ideas, friendly people and having a lot of fun on Conferences and fairs. Hope to see them soon on LinuxTag.


Von Björn Schotte

Björn Schotte ist geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der Mayflower GmbH und Senior Consultant im Umfeld von Software- und Agilen Organisations-Themen. Er twittert unter @BjoernSchotte und ist auf Xing sowie LinkedIn erreichbar. Seine Vorträge finden sich bei Slideshare.

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  1. Heute vor 10 Jahren, am 08.06.1995, schrieb ein Mann namens Rasmus Lerdorf ein Usenetposting mit dem Titel "Announce: Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools)". Diese Sammlung von C-Scripten diente ursprünglich eigentlich nur dazu, Zugriffe auf sein

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