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Geez, what a week! On Friday, we’ll party on celebrating the PHP 5.3 release in Munich/Germany. For those of you who can’t be there, I’m sure there will be enough photos on Flickr, Facebook and the like. But, as you may remember, we’ve produced some very cool Zend Framework posters. I just got an e-mail from Rob Zienert about planetary-sized posters :-)


If you want to experience the true size of our Zend Framework poster, just drop me an e-mail and tell me your company address and if you want to have the poster in English (as long as it’s available) or German. Oh, and btw, we’re currently finishing a PHP Web Security poster (at the same size) by Stefan Esser from SektionEins. Don’t miss it!

Avatar von Björn Schotte


4 Antworten zu „About planetary-sized posters“

  1. Two or three weeks ago i was reading post from Bjoern Schotte. That the guys at Mayflower created a poster for Zend Framework. Seems they really love it there. And since i am a big fan myself. I send Bjoern an email to ask for an English version. If av…

  2. Thanks for the HUGE poster :)

  3. Do you have an updated version of this?

    1. Avatar von Mayflower

      The updeted version will come when ZF 2.0 is out.

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