„Professional Refactoring“ talk @Mayflower – Munich

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We are happy to announce that Thorsten Rinne will be holding a presentation on the topic „Professional Refactoring“ in our office in Munich and you are invited to join us!

The presentation will take place on July 16th, 18:00h in our office (Mannhardtstrasse 6, 80538 Munich, S-Bahn Isartor).

So what is „Profesional Refactoring“ all about? As Thorsten says:

„You have a large application built in PHP 4, permanently growing and changing featuresets? Every release is like Russian roulette and the number of bugs are growing? New developers don’t like to work with the code? It’s time for refactoring! The session will give an overview about how to refactor, introducing test-driven development and covering risks and chances during the refactoring.“

This is the first of a series of talks open for all that we are organising in the near future. Talks will be held in Munich as well as in Würzburg. So check out this blog regularly for more upcoming talks!

We are looking forward to meeting you here at the Munich office!

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  1. Sounds great but I can’t travel to Munich at this date, will you upload the presentation or the slices?

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