Sildes from „Googol Records (with MySQL)“-Session

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IPC is over. My impression: The place was too big making it a little bit difficult to get in contact with others. Yet, from a technical and gastronomical point of view the Rheingoldhalle was a good choice. For the next IPC I would recommend to anker a hotel-ship near the hall (the Rheingoldhalle is situated at the bank of the river Rhine) to avoid a 30min shuttle bus ride from and to the hotel. ;-)

But back to my talk there.

The initial idea to this session was a performance consulting in spring this year: For a table with appr. 250 billion entries I found a way to store and read about 6,000 queries per second! I applied some very unusual ways to speed up a problem by factor 1,000 or 2,000 just by thinking about how I would do it, if I had to store the things in my home supposed they were real things such as cutlery.

I found out, that there are some patterns, which can be used in general and that they work for nearly every problem with very big tables. Just see for yourself how I solved the problem.

Please note: The slides could probably not be understood without explaining some of the ideas. Be free to post your questions as comment!
PS: The „C“ in the pictures is the „catalog“.
PSS: YES, we’ve uploaded a new slideshare, the pictures are now working.

Googol Data

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4 Antworten zu „Sildes from „Googol Records (with MySQL)“-Session“

  1. some of the slides 17-19, 27 don’t seem to have content

  2. Avatar von Alex Aulbach
    Alex Aulbach

    Just seen that. We’re currently uploading a fixed presentation on slideshare. Please stand by. :)

  3. This looks very interesting. Do you have a recording of this presentation or text, so I could read/hear what was said?

    1. Avatar von Alex Aulbach
      Alex Aulbach

      Sorry, no – and maybe it’s better so, because I won’t repeat it in this way, because it was too metaphysical. Next time I would just sit there and do step by step the things I’ve prepared to let the audience see that it is just practice and then explain the patterns which follows from that doing.

      But as mentioned I’m willing to answer concrete questions here.

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