ipw2200 mysterius

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Let’s try to help some acer-laptop-users. :) I’ve been some time trying to get my ipw2200 wlan working on Linux on my Acer Travelmate 6003LCi. For a short time it worked, but after an update to the 1.0.1 drivers the chip refused proper work. Everyone who is smart would search the debug-output in the syslog. So i did. After a short log-analysing and search the web i found following:

1.Some laptop manufacturers use a software activator-switch for the ipw2200-chip. See Dell Inspiron i510m.

2.Others like Acer use a hardware activator-switch and here is the problem.

The ipw2200 without hardware-activator-switch gets active using the wireless-tools. The 2nd one needs another module which must be preloaded so that the switch gets into active-mode.

For everybody with an ipw2200 and a hardware-switch try this:

1.Install ipw2200 drivers && firmware

2.Download and install the acerhk-module.

3.Configure /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6 so that acerhk gets loaded before ipw2200


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