Some cool AdBlock Stuff

Hi Folks,
AdBlock is really on of the most valuable extensions ever coded for Firefox. If you are borred waiting until your AdBlock makes his first learning steps, you will be very happy following these two links:

Mozilla AdBlock Support
MozDev AdBlock Support

Just copy the blacklist in the correct files and give your AdBlock an big learning push.

ipw2200 mysterius

Let’s try to help some acer-laptop-users. :) I’ve been some time trying to get my ipw2200 wlan working on Linux on my Acer Travelmate 6003LCi. For a short time it worked, but after an update to the 1.0.1 drivers the chip refused proper work. Everyone who is smart would search the debug-output in the syslog. So i did. After a short log-analysing and search the web i found following:

1.Some laptop manufacturers use a software activator-switch for the ipw2200-chip. See Dell Inspiron i510m.

2.Others like Acer use a hardware activator-switch and here is the problem.

The ipw2200 without hardware-activator-switch gets active using the wireless-tools. The 2nd one needs another module which must be preloaded so that the switch gets into active-mode.

For everybody with an ipw2200 and a hardware-switch try this:

1.Install ipw2200 drivers && firmware

2.Download and install the acerhk-module.

3.Configure /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6 so that acerhk gets loaded before ipw2200