PSync PHProjekt Outlook Sync Beta released

PSync/Outlook is a outlook synchronisation tool for phprojekt. It synchronizes contact, calendar, todo and note data in both directions. It uses PEAR::Soap for PHP 4 and the builtin SOAP for PHP5 and is written in Delphi.

Requirements are at least windows 95 with outlook 98. Outlook express is not supported.

Please note that you have to install the server side package (, extract the directories „pear“ and „sync“ to PHProjekts document root and create the table „sync_rel“ according to the included readme. On the client side you have to insert the URL of your PHProjekt – http://yourdomain.tld/intranet/phprojekt for example – and a valid PHProjekt login.

No further firewall configuration is needed, if you can use PHProjekt using the Internet Explorer PSync should work.
You can download the latest Beta at
For bugs and feature requests please use the bug tracker at

Johann-Peter Hartmann

Von Johann-Peter Hartmann

Johann bezeichnet sich als "Chief Tailwind Officer" und sieht Rückenwind für Kollegen, Teams und das Unternehmen als seine oberste Aufgabe. Er mag tatsächlich seine Arbeit mit den Kollegen sehr und ist dankbar dafür, mit ihnen zusammenarbeiten zu dürfen.

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  1. Thank you for your contribution. I can not install it correctly. I keeps giving me a 404 error even though I uploaded the folder you have supplied in your folder section ( I am well experienced in web programming so I can understand the lingo and so forth. It really seems I am missing the server side installation pack because I couldn’t even locate the sql file in the .tar folder. Is there a complete package download that I can download? Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

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