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While operating some time in the background for a while doing security audits like the one for phpBB3 (which resulted in RC6 and RC7 over the weekend), we’re now proud to officially launch our joint venture SektionEins GmbH together with the website in German and English (so yes, we’re doing also international Security Audits in English).


SektionEins provides an in-depth knowledge about PHP security (PHP-based applications as well as PHP vulnerabilities itself) and Flash/PDF as well as other languages like Java, Ruby, Perl or Python. To avoid too much advertising here, just have a look at the website and the broad array of services. There’s also a form where you can contact the Security Captains if you’re interested in Security Audits, Consulting or Trainings.


SektionEins GmbH is a joint-venture between Mayflower GmbH and Stefan Esser and has its headquarters at Cologne, Germany.

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  1. Congratulations to the launch and congratulations for the choice of office building :)

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