In response to Christopher’s critics

I just wanted to respond to Christopher’s article warning about a SQL injection article in current PHP Magazin. Unfortunately right after posting the comment I got a „Fatal error: Call to undefined method Net_DNSBL::getTxt() in /home/absynth/path/deleted/for/security/reasons/serendipity_event_spamblock_rbl.php on line 94“. As I’m in a hurry to an event, I post my comment here:


thanks for your critics. As you have written, your last article you’ve written was about 2 years ago. In the meantime we were continually shaping our editorial process and putting more ressources (as possible) into quality checks. However, as you might know, there can be holes that let slip through such a „bad“ quality.

I really admire your posting and would like to invite you as an expert for security improving future articles about that topic.

Best regards, Björn Schotte (Editor in Chief).

Wo kommen die EEEs her?


Das ist Jens. Jens ist ein Schwergewicht. Nein, keins das EEEs züchtet, sondern ein Schwergewicht in Sachen XHTML+CSS. Das macht ihn zu einem beliebten Speaker auf Konferenzen wie der webinale 08 (die gestern, zusammen mit der International PHP Conference Spring Edition, zu Ende ging). Als regelmäßiger Autor des PHP Magazins setzt er sich ebenfalls mit den Themen XHTML/CSS auseinander.


Von sich selbst sagt Jens, dass er für die „Oberflächenmassage“ zuständig sei. Jens ist ein aktiver Blogger, ebenfalls aktiv in der Initiative Webkrauts mit vertreten und betreibt einen contributed zu einem Podcast namens Technikwürze.

PHP4 has to die

Sounds hard? Well, PHP5 has been there several years and has been proven rock-solid. I appreciate the go-php5 project and want to support this with the following announcement:

With the beginning of issue 1.08 (coming to the newsstands in November 2007), PHP Magazin won’t accept any articles or source codes that cover PHP4 topics or PHP4 sourcecode. Sourcecode delivery must cover PHP 5.2 or greater.

Dear readers: Thank You!

Sebastian Bergmann mentioned the 5 year anniversary of the PHP Magazin in his blog and Kris Köhntopp’s article of the PHP Kongress back in 2000.

I have been editor in chief of the PHP Magazin since 5 years now (it was the world’s first print publication dedicated only to PHP) and co-organised the world’s first PHP Kongress back in 2000. Germany, as one of the world’s largest PHP communities and in Europe one of those countries that seems to like OpenSource very much, pioneered the PHP market very early. I can remember of mailing list postings from employees of very large companies back in 1998 on the German PHP mailing list that told they were using PHP in large projects.

I would like to thank all the readers, all the authors and especially all those people that were very active back in 1998-2001 (Ulf, Georg, Hartmut, Kris, Sebastian Bergmann, Sebastian Nohn, Ralf Geschke, Thomas Weinert and many many countless others) and contributed with their specific work in that time to the PHP Community and the PHP project itself. As Sebastian, I have fond memories of that time (do you remember the Internet World 2001 meeting at a chinese restaurant? *yummie* :-) ) and don’t want to miss it.