Eclipse PHP IDE Preview

Zend provides a preview version of the upcoming PHP IDE which I mentioned in another blog entry. They provide a short introduction how to install this Eclipse extension.

Update: Thanks to Martin who pointed out some installation problems (see comment), Linux users should care for the following:

A package named „WST“ is needed (at least for the 3.1 linux version) which is available from
via the same update mechanism.


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  1. I am sorry but it does not work in Eclipse 3.2M5. The Perspective Panel show no information about the existence of PHP IDE as well as options to configure it. I am sure that Eclipse has detected the PHP IDE plugin.

    Any tip to make it work?

  2. What’s Zend’s intentition with this preview? I tested it out and had some syntax highlighting and configuration setting without effect ;) – I’m a little bit disappointed – of course I know it’s a „preview“, but I was awaiting some killer feature like Zend-Studio-like code-folding (if I get this into eclipse, there’s no reason any more to use zend [and the sucking svn integration] :P)

    Sorry for cynicism :)

    1. It does work, it has all those cool features Zend-Studio has (and some more) but also has some bugs (non-ISO-8859-1 – Chars) and is slow.

      You can _not_ use an existent eclipse-installation, just follow the instructions on the zend page. To utilize the real PHP-Features you may not have any old PHP-Eclipse – project files in your PHP-Folders. Local debugging works, remote debugging might need a server like Zend-Studio does. The Code-Assist is soo much better than PHPEclipse… I’m really looking forward to a more mature version (its 0.0.6 as i write this ;-)

  3. Has anyone got debugging working? It looks like its using the Zend debug protocol so I presume you need Zend server if you want to debug using Apache. Do you think they’ll open up their debug protocol and server component too?

  4. I have the Mac Intel and eclipse 3.1 won’t work!!!

    So I tried to install the eclipse 3.2 which supports Mac intel, but now the problem is the PHP IDE not working under eclipse 3.2 !

    I’ve installed the :
    – Eclipse 3.2RC6
    – GEF-runtime-3.2RC3
    – emf-sdo-xsd-SDK-2.2.0RC6
    – wtp-R-1.0.2-200604280245

    Eclipse loads up fine, but all that’s missing is the PHPIDE from Zend for eclipse 3.2.

    This is a nightmare, anyone managed to make it work?

  5. I’m trying to get eclipse 3.2 to work with zend, but I get error messages. One reason is that I am using the package provided by apt-get in ubuntu feisty.

    Has anyone has any experiences with problematic php-installation with this version of eclipse / zend php

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