Eclipse, PHP and XDebug

Thanks to Axel Kramer who posted on the eclipse PHP newsgroup (Web Interface here), it’s possible to add XDebug integration to the PHPEclipse project.

It seems the Eclipse world now has two IDE projects regarding PHP: the much longer existing PHPEclipse project (which recently got nominated for the 2006 Community Choice Awards) and Zend’s PHP-IDE approach. PHPEclipse currently seems more open to community contributions than Zend’s PHP-IDE project. On the other hand Zend’s working more closely together with the Eclipse Foundation on the PHP-IDE project than the PHPEclipse project does.

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8 Gedanken zu „Eclipse, PHP and XDebug

  1. Hi!

    Trying to use Eclipse here at work didn’t result well…

    We have coments in Portuguese like //Olá..

    That’s hello in PT… in Eclipse it seems that the enconding does not result well cause the á apears as a strange question mark…


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