PHP and Scrum: the dreamteam in agile web development

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You may have heard about Agile Programming, eXtreme Programming and the like. I want to introduce to you Scrum, which is „an agile, lightweight process that can be used to manage and control software and product development using iterative, incremental practices.“. Not only big companies are using this toolset, but also some smaller ones, including us at Mayflower GmbH.

The main attributes of Scrum are (as seen on „About“ on

  • Scrum is an agile process to manage and control development work.
  • Scrum is a wrapper for existing engineering practices.
  • Scrum is a team-based approach to iteratively, incrementally develop systems and
    products when requirements are rapidly changing
  • Scrum is a process that controls the chaos of conflicting interests and needs.
  • Scrum is a way to improve communications and maximize co-operation.
  • Scrum is a way to detect and cause the removal of anything that gets in the way of
    developing and delivering products.
  • Scrum is a way to maximize productivity.
  • Scrum is scalable from single projects to entire organizations. Scrum has controlled
    and organized development and implementation for multiple interrelated products
    and projects with over a thousand developers and implementers.
  • Scrum is a way for everyone to feel good about their job, their contributions, and that
    they have done the very best they possibly could.

So, delivering a fully-functional and running product every increment is the goal of every
Scrum sprint. In theory, a Sprint is time-boxed to 30 days, i.e. every 30 days the team
delivers a fully-functional and running product to the so called product owner (mostly your customer).

30 days? Isn’t that too long? We think: yes, it is in most cases. We love PHP and its ability to „Getting things done.“
very quickly. Usually, it’s possible to produce working results in a few days or one or two weeks instead
of a month or even months. Because of this „feature“ of PHP I decided that the Scrum team I’m leading delivers product
increments in Sprints of 5 days.

On February, 15th, I had the possibility to give a PowerWorkshop on the Entwicklertage,
called „Agile Entwicklungsmethoden: Scrum & PHP, das Dreamteam bei Webapplikationen“. You can find the PDF slides here.

I can recommend two Books: „Agile Software Development with Scrum“ explains the Scrum process in detail, and „Agile Project Management with Scrum“ explains more detailed the roles of the Scrum Master, Product Owner and „The Team“. Both are worth reading it!

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6 Antworten zu „PHP and Scrum: the dreamteam in agile web development“

  1. this sounds very interesting. I’m definitely going to look into this.

  2. I made a small research a few months ago, wanting to implement a software development methodology in our company, we’re a team of 5.

    I picked SCRUM, what a coincedence, and I got two books, the ones you just mentioned :)

    Currently I’m reading the books, learning and will try to start implementing the methodology next month, do you have any advices for me on how to do that? should i go for full implementation first? or should I start using bits & peices as we go on, and maybe have a full implementation in 2-6 months?

  3. Scrum seems to me as one of the best project management processes for very dynamic projects. I already have read the book „Agile Project Management with Scrum“ written by Ken Schwaber. One thing I was wondering is how can Scrum be implemented with fixed-price, fixed-date projects which are the core business of the company I am currently working for? In his book Ken Schwaber is not really giving a good solution to this matter.

    1. I have found two very interesting articles regarding the subject Agile Development and Project Management with fixed price/fixed date projects:

      Unfortunately there is no concrete solution regarding the SCRUM method.

  4. In my previous blog post, a was asked how to implement Scrum in the first steps. My personal experience is that it’s better not to directly begin with all the methods Scrum provides. Scrum requires changes in your internal business processes, so it’s be

  5. thanks for sharing facts on Agile development , , new customers such language loves to develop the site . .

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