Enterprise OpenSource: PHP/LAMP Support for corporate businesses

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More and more companies are discovering LAMP as an enterprise-grade, OpenSource stack to built mission-critical applications on it.
Web development companies are developing LAMP applications for businesses like Disney, Deutsche Telekom, Sueddeutsche.de, Lufthansa and such.
But what about a professional support with guaranteed response times up to 2 hours? That’s where our PHP/LAMP support is targeted at, including support for databases like MySQL for example.

We provide support for enterprise companies that have their own development department, but need someone who is helping them
if they experience problems while developing their application, including application management and monitoring. The support
program is for an unlimited number of servers in your company.

If you are an ISV or SI with your own PHP developers, then this support is also for you: we can assist you through the support
and provide reliable knowledge and responsibility for PHP. The support program is divided into Basic, Professional and Gold. 24/7
on request.

If you are on this year’s International PHP Conference, please contact us on our
booth, visit the website or contact us directly.

Avatar von Björn Schotte


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