What will be the future of MySQL against the backdrop of the Oracle acquisition?

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The German Oracle User Association (DOAG e.V.) has published a statement (in German) about the acquisition of Sun/MySQL by Oracle and its impact for Oracle users. You can find the statement here.


Oh and btw, I’ll give a session about „PHP5 & Oracle“ at the local Oracle usergroups in Frankfurt on June, 23rd and Hamburg on Sep 14th. The main goal is to promote the usage of PHP5 in Oracle environments (and how you can leverage PHP’s potential in Enterprise environments) as there are good Oracle database connectors for PHP5 available. See you there!

Avatar von Björn Schotte


3 Antworten zu „What will be the future of MySQL against the backdrop of the Oracle acquisition?“

  1. Good luck with the PHP5 & Oracle talks! Let me know how they go.

    1. Calling some of the most influential pploee in the open source world stupid is beyond lame from my point of view. Oracle as any other big corporation exists for one thing and one thing only: make money. For quite some time Oracle has been losing money due to MySQL. Don’t tell me that given the opportunity, they won’t try to solve this problem PS: I don’t expect an objective opinion from you, since you’re an Oracle employee

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