Meet the PHP Experts at the Mayflower Coffee Lounge

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Coffee is the most important thing for developers. Yet, good coffee. At conferences it is almost vital to have a good coffee during the breaks and talk to experts. For this reason, MAYFLOWER will have a Coffee Lounge at the International PHP Conference in Mainz (Germany): Get coffee en masse for your business card. But you won’t get only coffee, you can order following different coffee specialities:


  • Web Security (provided by SektionEins)
  • Quality Assurance
  • PHP5 Migration
  • Zend Framework
  • High Performance
  • Database Questions


Each coffee speciality has a Senior Developer of MAYFLOWER, Germany’s leading PHP system integrator, to talk to. He will be your contact person for all questions about the above mentioned topics including best practice. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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