Monty quit the job

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Kristian Köhntopp posted the following (German speaking) blog entry: „Monty on the run“ stating that Monty quit his job at MySQL/Sun. He wonders where Monty’s new job will be…


If you followed the last months, Brian Aker and some other people forked the MySQL codebase and created the Drizzle project. I’m wondering if Monty might spearhead the Drizzle project soon?! If yes, does this move harm the commercial database field? What might Enterprise customers think? Is Community everything or would this move make any harm to MySQL as an affordable OpenSource database itself? We’ll see…


Sheery has more news…


UPDATE: Kaj Arnö, MySQL’s VP Community, explains more about why this is a rumour in a blog post. At least, Monty seems to consider resigning from MySQL.

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4 Antworten zu „Monty quit the job“

  1. Following the recent news about Monty leaving MySQL, I just wanted to tell you that Brian Aker is giving a keynote speech about „To Drizzle MySQL“ on this year’s International PHP Conference at Mainz, Germany which is happening from October 27th to Octo

  2. I’m not surprised. After the SUN aqcuisition, he has enough cash now. He never has to work again. He earned enough cash on the back of the community who are working for free most of the time…

    1. Steve,

      It’s not accurate to say that he’s earned the money „on the back of the community“ — one of the biggest complaints in the MySQL Community right now is how hard it is to get a patch into MySQL. He earned it by writing code, leading engineers, and founding a company that was successful enough to be bought.

  3. Nach der Akquisition von MySQL durch Sun sind ja schon einige Dinge passiert, die in Blogs und auf Newsseiten für erhebliches Rauschen sorgten: Drizzle (ein schlanker Fork der MySQL Datenbank) wurde veröffentlicht – und heftig diskutiert. Es gab dipl…

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