Swinging the Drizzle beat on IPC …

Following the recent news rumours about Monty leaving MySQL, I just wanted to tell you that Brian Aker is giving a keynote speech about „To Drizzle MySQL“ on this year’s International PHP Conference at Mainz, Germany which is happening from October 27th to October 31st:

One of the most common databases to developers, MySQL, got forked again, to bring back the original spirit of Open Source to the MySQL Community. The International PHP Conference invited Brian Aker, one of the leading forces behind this move, to talk about how „to Drizzle“ MySQL.


If you want to join Brian’s keynote and all the other superb sessions, don’t miss the chance to reserve your seat for as low as EUR 199,00 (special early bird price until 30th September).


UPDATE: Kaj Arnö, MySQL’s VP Community, explains more about why this is a rumour in a blog post. At least, Monty seems to consider resigning from MySQL.

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