IPC 08: Time Planner and Early Bird prices

Avatar von Björn Schotte

IPC 2008 is ahead of us and everyone is preparing for the Conf. Expect the best and biggest IPC ever, with five days fully packed of sessions, workshops and special days like the Starter Day or the Enterprise Day (covering topics from Tools over QA up to PHP5 migration and Security). For those of you who want to plan their attendance for IPC, the timeplan is now online.


Further more, there are early bird prices until 30th of September as we celebrate the 14th edition of IPC: for as little as EUR 199,00 (normal persons), EUR 149,00 (freelancers) and EUR 99,00 (students) you can get onto the Conf. So take the chance and reserve your seat for the IPC 2008!

Avatar von Björn Schotte


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