10 years phplib – a laudation

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back then, that is in the last millenium, there was a time before zend
framework and pear. Then – it was
about 10 years ago – Kris Koehntopp worked at netuse and brought a
real enrichment to the PHP community: the PHPLIB.

This great collection of classes was in my eyes the first real useful
library which delivered the solution to most of the basic / standard
problems in PHP based
software projects. So MAYFLOWER used this cutting edge technology very
soon after its first release.

The easy implementation of DB-abstraction, template
engine, authentication, permissions, session management and others made
it easy to handle these problems in a standardized way. The strict
object oriented code gave the developer the necessary flexibility to
customize and extend the code
where he/she needs it. Of course PHPLIB does not do any magic, it just
focuses on
main functions and its lean code gives it a great performance.

As it is wise not to „change a running System“ some PHP4
based application still use it and it still works fine.
So PHPLIB is not dead and still lives in some spin off’s like the ITX
template system.

Happy Birthday PHPLIB and thanks to Kris Koehntopp, netuse and all
other contributors for this great and useful piece of software.

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10 Antworten zu „10 years phplib – a laudation“

  1. Happy birthday to phplib indeed! I lost track of all the apps that I deployed using it, but some must still be running, for sure. Way better than the first incarnation of php sessions, and less buggy than the then-rising db lib star adodb.

  2. Disagree.

    I work at a company that deployed phplib 7 years ago. It might have been a smart choice then but now it is entrenched and it is a nightmare. Our developers hate it because of how much of a PITA it is to debug and our designers hate it with a passion because of the kludgy template syntax.

    We don’t do active phplib development anymore but we still have lots of legacy code kicking about that does and do you know what happens when we need to modify it?

    We just rewrite it in smarty. It’s far quicker than trying to figure out wtf phplib is doing with it.

  3. Avatar von Andi Gutmans
    Andi Gutmans

    The first version of Zend’s Web site was also built using phplib :)

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Ahh!!! Nostalgia… OOH forms by Wez were so cool.

    Thanks Kris Koehntopp and team

  5. Yes, thank you Kristian :)

    Without PHPLib, many of my first projects with PHP3 wouldn’t have been possible. PHPLib made possible user sessions, permissions and some sort of MVC thanks to the PHPLib templates.

    PS@Tarique: OOH Form was by Ulf Wendel IIRC, not Wez, and was not that great IMHO :)

    1. You are right about Ulf Wendel

  6. Ah yes, PHPLib memories… it’s been 10 years? Really?! Thanks again for the PHP 3 session support.

  7. I just read about the 10th Birthday of PHP Lib
    As a up to date PHP Developer i always like to use newest functions, features and techniques. But unfortunately at some projects this isn´t possible. Like some companies do not always use the newest PHP Vers

  8. Thanks for your article and Happy Birthday!

  9. Avatar von Márcio Gomes
    Márcio Gomes

    Thanks Kris Koehntopp and Happy Birthday PHPLIB. Best regards of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.

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