LAMP App Monitoring

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Sysadmins love top. Now it’s time for mod_top. From the homepage:

mod_top is a production monitoring tool for LAMP applications with user interfaces modeled after the popular unix top. mod_top plans to support PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, mySQL, Postgres, Apache1+2 on Linux.


mod_top is a PHP extension that is able to monitor PHP 4.4.x and PHP 5.x based applications. Sounds cool. Unfortunately it seems there’s no source available, but the FAQ says that mod_top is free.

Avatar von Björn Schotte


3 Antworten zu „LAMP App Monitoring“

  1. mod_top allows you to check the current PHP processes running on the server in the format which the unix top command uses. It’s a useful tool to check out what’s running on the server, check CPU and memory utilization of the PHP scripts ru…

  2. Looks very good, but without sources isn’t free.

  3. Would you know if there’s a Windows equivalent?

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