20.12. JSHint – das bessere JSLint?

JSHint ist ein JSLint Fork von Anton Kovalyov. Dieser hat zwar nicht das Standardwerk der JavaScript-Welt „JavaScript – The Good Parts“ geschrieben, dennoch kritisiert er Crockford’s jslint, das in dem Buch ein eigenes Kapitel bekommen hat, pointiert mit:

JSHint is a fork of Douglas Crockford’s JSLint that does not tyrannize your code. It is
designed to detect errors that actually break your code while skipping things that, according
to Crockford, “are known to contribute mistakes in projects”. In other words, JSHint is a
fork of JSLint for the real world. The most important difference is that JSHint is developed
and supported by the JavaScript developer community and not by one very opinionated person.


07.12. One-click Deployment

Today’s topic is deployment. It’s called one-click deployment for a reason: Developers are lazy.
It’s hard to do less than clicking on one button, so that’s our goal.

With the growing need for lower time-to-market and faster response to user feedback it is inevitable to not be limited by technical factors (there are enough other obstacles already). The focus lies on reproducible results.