Fluent UI by Microsoft

Vorweg kurz eine Info, um Verwirrung zu vermeiden: Microsoft fasst unter ihrem neuen Fluent UI ihre UI Fabric und Stardust-GitHub-Repos zusammen. Sie wollen damit ein einheitliches Design-System für Web-Apps erstellen. Falls ihr also einen der alten Namen kennt, dann wisst ihr jetzt, was aus ihnen geworden ist.


Audit Events in your GraphQL Stack with the postgraphile-audit-plugin

In many projects, one needs to track changes in data in your database. With pgMemento, you can automatically generate audit information like that. It extends your PostgreSQL tables by an audit_id column, which in turn refers to the specific audit event in the pgMemento tables, which are by default stored in a separate database schema.

So far, so good.


RoadRunner – High-Speed PHP Applications

PHP is sooo yesterday. It’s slow. It’s not hip. Don’t use it. 

That’s what people say.

Well, people, listen up! Because RoadRunner has come to pimp PHP performance in astounding dimensions. So let’s take a look at what RoadRunner is.


Three ways to create Word documents with PHPWord

Creating Microsoft Word documents in PHP can be a challenge. Word offers a multitude of options and settings and while creating a document in PHP you want do take advantage of those options to achieve a satisfying result. Perhaps you need to dynamically create documents for a client and the client will only know the capabilities of Mircosoft Word, but not the limitations of PHP libraries. This can result in an unsatisfied client.

In this article we will take a closer look at PHPWord and three different ways to create Word documents with it: basic easy templating, the creation of Word documents from scratch, and (going a little crazy there) the combination of both by merging existing templates with dynamically created documents. Hopefully, after reading through the text, you will have an idea of how to implement the perfect Word creator for your needs.