How do you start Scrum for your PHP projects? And which PHP software to use for Scrum management

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In my previous blog post, I was asked how to implement Scrum in the first steps. My personal experience is that it’s better not to directly begin with all the methods Scrum provides. Scrum requires changes in your internal business processes, so it’s better to move ahead step by step instead of trying to get everything done until tomorrow (you see, incremental steps :-).

The main obstacles we experienced is in projects where you have moving targets – requirement changes every day. It requires a very good shape of discipline of all stakeholders in the project. See how we started:

First of all, we created a very short planning meeting for our first sprint. We recorded all the requirements/tickets from the Mantis tracking system that the customer and our team are using into an Excel file. The Excel file had about the same format as shown for the Product backlog and the Sprint Backlog and was followed some weeks later by an integrated graph which visualized the burn down during the sprint.

Second, we decided to have a small sprint time – about 5 days. Unlike in theory, we didn’t start with answering the three main questions every day – instead, we just recorded every day which time is left in our current sprint for each task. This gives each developer a good structured overview about:

  • which tasks are left
  • how many hours (roughly) are left for a specific task

Some weeks ago, we switched to the full process within Scrum: answering the three main questions, having a bit longer planning meeting at the begin of every week, daily synchronisation inside the team by answering the three questions („What have you done yesterday?“, „What are you going to do today?“, „What have been your impediments?“). The developers maintain the times for each task on their own.

Of course we used some software which helps us to do all these things. It’s web based, and of course made with PHP. We implemented because there is currently no good web based software that implements the Scrum features. This software is GPL and currently in an Alpha/Beta stage – it’s integrated with our Groupware system PHProjekt V5 and provides a tight integration into the project management stuff.

You can go to the project page of the Scrum Addon. As it is Alpha/Beta software, it has bugs, of course. You can use the Bug/Feature tracker to record Bugs or request new features. We use it now in our daily work for the Scrum Master and The Team.

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  1. It’s not written in PHP, but also an interesting product – „Scrumworks“. Based on an Jboss installation and unfortunately only supported on a Windows OS server system this solution is offering some very interesting features.

    Here is the product homepage:

    The product is still free of charge, but not Open Source and you have to apply for a free licence by Danube Technologies.

    I am evaluating the software at the moment for managing a coming java project with SCRUM.

    1. I just wanted to add, that Scrumworks also can be deployed on a Linux server (we tried it on Gentoo). You only need a Windows machine to extract all files from the archive (as it’s only provided as a Windows installer). Once you’ve installed it on windows, just deploy all the files into your Linux JBoss installation.

  2. Where can I get a working version of the scrum PHProjekt addon? The CVS checkout has errors all over the place.

    I tried it with the latest PHProjekt version available as release download. Do I need another version of PHProjekt?

    1. Avatar von Björn Schotte
      Björn Schotte

      Hi Werner,

      sorry, it works only with 5.1 of PHProjekt which is currently only available on CVS.

      1. SCRUM add-on will also work with PHProjekt v5.2 or higher

  3. Thanks for answering my question :) I will bugging you with more questions along the way ;)

  4. Hi Guys,
    ScrumWorks will be released with an API (see: and supported on Linux(mySQL) and Windows (hypersonic)in early April.

    Laszlo–ScrumWorks Team

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