Sixt Xulproject at Xtech Conference

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Xtech, a web 2.0 conference, will be from May 16th to 19th may at Amsterdam, Holland. As you can read on the recently published schedule I’ll hold a talk about Enterprise Application Development with XUL and AJAX (a lot of Buzzwords).
In comparsion to the other XUL-Talk, I’ll focus more on the development side and try to bring up our expertise we gained while we ported terminalapplications to XUL-Interfaces for the car rental company Sixt, helped building a team of XUL developers, wrote coding guidelines, QAed Applications etc.
All in all, I hope I can show how the Development Process works with XUL+Ajax and maybe there is little time for comparsion to other Languages left.

Xtech Hompage

Xtech Ajax Day

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  1. Enterprise Application Development with XUL and AJAX

    ping, ping, ping, ping!

    (gesehen bei ThinkPHP)

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