Sending SMS with PHP extension

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For one of the projects of our key account Vaillant Group we are sending SMS. The supplier is BTN, a German company providing a SMS gateway.

When we wrote the interface in our application, BTN only offered an XML and E-Mail gateway for sending SMSes. Fortunately I’ve seen that they now also offer sending it natively through a PHP extension (at the end of the page, currently only in German). Does anyone know other providers of SMS or Fax gateways that offer it through a native PHP extension?

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  1. I don’t know anyone offering a PHP extension to send SMSes.
    There is also not much quality PHP code aroundto deal with SMSes. The Net_SMS PEAR package is very basic and only provides http or smtp interfaces. I believe the extension provided by BTN only handles HTTP.

    The „real world“ way of sending SMSes is via SMPP (
    As of now, I don’t think there is any open source implementation around for PHP.
    I have coded one compatible SMPP 3.4 and it is not that much of a big deal. A good read of the docs, solid week of work and access to a test gateway (with as much info as possible from your provider) should give you a decent implementation.

    I would very highly recommend using SMPP as it currently is the only standard way of sending SMSes, meaning if you have to change your gateway provider someday, you should not have to do the work twice.

    If anyone would like to talk PHP & SMS, drop me a mail (cyril AT cyrildoussin DOT com) :)

  2. There is [url=““]a post today on ThinkPHP[/url] mentionning a PHP extension provided by a german SMS gateway provider.
    Interesting stuff, although it doesn’t seem to use SMPP (ht…

  3. Actually, I just saw the Net_SMPP PEAR package:
    I don’t have much appreciation for PEAR in general, but it’s good to see that someone provided an open source lib for SMPP. You might want to check it out (it doesn’t seem complete, but it’s not a 1.0 after all …)

  4. There is a MidCOM-PHP library for sending SMSs (and probably MMSs too) via the Open Source Tambur SMS gateway:

    Tambur is easy to interface with directly from PHP as it has a XML-over-HTTP API for sending messages:

  5. An SMPP driver for the Net_SMS package is currently in the works, written by the author of the PEAR SMPP packages.

  6. We use kapow ( to send our SMS from PHP.
    We’ve used it for years and are VERY happy.
    All we do is make an simple HTTP request to their servers. You can also use Email… no need for SMPP.

    1. We are a marketing company and we need to send a lot SMS/month. We have used for 7 months now. They have a smpp server for integrations (and a SMPP library) but we use HTTPs requests by now and we are very satisfied.

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