danger out of office

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As you might see on the example I will give – programmers should stay for they own safety in the office.

Do NOT leave your computer. If you are hungry just order a pizza …..

A group of Mayflowers and friends went to the isar yesterday to have a little barbecue. First of all i was afraid to see the people trying hardly to make some fire with a lot of spirit. A wonder no one was burned.

Having the meat on the barby Johann tried to cut the meat – instead he cut his finger. (Someone said – the meat is not done yet – there is too much blood coming out) Exactly in the same time Johannes found out that the box of coke was in the wrong place and felt over it. He dislocated his elbow.

Party on your own risk :-)


Avatar von Jana Koch


3 Antworten zu „danger out of office“

  1. Extremely professional grill.

    Gab es Ente?

    1. argentinisches Rind

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