Study about relevance of business goals in PHP software architecture

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PHP software developers and system integrators actually play an important
role in running the world’s largest web infrastructures. From Facebook,
Gruner & Jahr, Kabel Deutschland and Lufthansa to a diversity of
corporations, they all trust PHP and the respective systems built with it. It is not
questionable that these systems provide a solid software architecture. The
point of interest is how these architectures are aligned to the fast pace of
changing business goals, which categories of business goals are considered
during architecture creation and which means are utilised in projects.


Periklis Tsirakidis, Software Developer at Mayflower and Johann-Peter Hartmann, CTO at Mayflower, created a study around a survey with more than 150 respondants from the PHP community and professional PHP ISVs. They did not only have a look at the usage of patterns like MVC, but also at the relevance of TCO-driven business goals and future trends on tool usage in architecture creation.


The 24-page long study (English) is available for free after registration at our website and will be delivered as PDF via e-mail. (Please don’t mind the form is currently in German, the study itself is in English language)


For German readers: German IT news portal had a deeper look at the study upfront.

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4 Antworten zu „Study about relevance of business goals in PHP software architecture“

  1. That was a nice relevant survey, a value added study for the PHP community.
    I have made a brief, as well as an opinion on a possible bias-ness of a small part of it here:

    Cheers to the PHP world!

    1. Thanks for sharing with helpful information.

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